London: a Royal Guide (PDF)


A must-have 50+ page royal guide to London, including all of the best sites for fans of the Royal Family and hidden royal gems (with maps!)


Want to explore the royal side to London? Ever wondered about Princess Diana’s favorite Italian restaurant? Or where to find Kate Middleton’s old flat?

This 50+ page downloadable royal guide to London comes with information on all of the best sites for fans of the Royal Family, including hidden royal gems that will take you off-the-beaten path!

With maps, travel tips, and my 10+ years of London expertise working and living in and around the city all combined into one downloadable guide, you’ll have a fantastic resource for making sure that your trip to London is as royal-filled as possible.

NOTE: this product is currently on pre-order and on sale before being launched. If you purchase now, you will receive the copy via e-mail on February 15th, 2024.