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The Ultimate Guide to Moving to the UK

Are you really ready to move to the UK?

Answering the questions you didn’t even know to ask about making the move.

Take the pain out of planning the move

Whether you’re simply dreaming of moving to the UK someday in the distant future or you’ve got your plans lined up and flights booked, the process can be absolutely overwhelming.

There is so much to research, you don’t know what information is correct or in date, and you still have to figure out how to get a job or where to live once you get here!

As an expat in the UK for almost 10 years, I have been through almost every aspect of expat life and understand exactly what you need to know to either make your dream a reality or to thrive when here.

Look no further…

Everything you need to know
Always up-to-date
In one place
From a trusted UK travel expert

This practical resource of 200+ topics is for:

Anyone, from any country who wants to move anywhere in the UK (not just London).

Dreamers who picture themselves in the UK with no idea where to start.

Planners who are moving to the UK in the near future.

Soon-to-be expats about to step foot on the plane to their new life.

People moving for work, for love, for school, or for adventure.

Topics covered include:

Jobs, Resumes, CVs
and more…!

Don’t shortchange yourself

While it’s true that you could spend hours looking up everything from UK maternity pay to trying to figure out the visa website, you don’t know what you don’t know.

How are you meant to look up things like “council tax,” “NHS surcharge,” or understand acronyms like “FLRM,” “GP” and more when you’ve never heard them before?

This isn’t just a collection of information. This is a roadmap, informed by almost a decade of expat experience, taking you through all of the practical and cultural elements of expat life from the very beginning of the idea in your head to months after arrival when you’re still trying to figure out the best phone plan and wondering why everyone keeps asking “you alright?” and then recoiling when you try to tell them.

Get all the information you need in one place

No more wasting time researching across the entirety of the internet!

It’s easy when you have all the information

If you “dream of moving to the UK,” but it might be a long way off: this guide is perfect for you.

Moving to the UK doesn’t happen with the snap of your fingers. It takes time and preparation, and no matter how many times you’ve watched Harry Potter, you won’t be let into the country just because you know a few British curse words.

Give yourself the best chance at making your dreams a reality using the intensive information on all UK visa types, as well as practical advice and examples on how to find a job in the UK from abroad, including creating your resume (called a CV in the UK) and important helpful lists you’ve probably never heard of.

Always up-to-date

A book or one-time resource on the practicalities of moving to the UK is pointless. From changes at the border in May 2019 (hello, e-gates!) to changes in immigration options in 2021 to changes in NHS prescription charges, you need to have the most up-to-date information.

This is a living, breathing, resource that is kept current and you’ll be informed by e-mail of any changes so you don’t miss out. Use it now, a year from now, or down the road when you’re ready.

Just dreaming?

Let’s make it a reality!

Note: This resource is not giving and should not be confused with personalized immigration advice, which is only allowed to be given, by UK law, by a regulated immigration advisor. It does, however, include generalized in-depth explanations of UK immigration routes and changes so that members can understand the options and decide the best route for themselves.

The Ultimate Guide to Moving to the UK. Everything you need to know time-saving in one place up-to-date

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